Weekly Briefing No. 28

418 Words | (1) Is Digital Evangelism Really Working?, (2) Are You Man Enough for Jesus?, and (3) Where Practitioners Teach Transformation Through Business? Is Digital Evangelism Really Working? Innovation: Using digital technology to share Jesus. Desired Outcome: Helping people meet their Messiah where they are – online. Technologies such as the Internet and mobile phones allow us […]

Weekly Briefing No. 27

407 Words | (1) Finding Local Relevance Through Practical Service, (2) The Stinking Truth About Christian Group Think, and (3) An Event for Anyone Interested in Business as Mission. How the Rock Church Rocks It? Innovation: To exhibit the love of Jesus through practical service. Desired Outcome: Engaging your church in your community at their place of need. The […]

Weekly Briefing No. 26

358 Words | (1) Gather with Other Difference Makers, (2) New Research on Brainstorming Effectiveness, and (3) Why Job Creation Trumps Humanitarian Aid? Join Ministry Marketing Leaders for an Inspirational Morning of Communications Best Practices Innovation: Gathering with other Kingdom leaders to discuss and learn together. Desired Outcome: Grow your relevance while growing your digital community. How does the local church […]

Weekly Briefing No. 25

401 Words | (1) Everything Communicates, (2) Create an Experience Worth Talking About, and (3) Listening to Podcasts for Innovation Stimulation. Let Your Everyday Actions Speak Loudly  Innovation: Wrap your message in everything you do. Desired Outcome: People know who you are by how you serve. Do the actions of your church, ministry or Christian business […]

Weekly Briefing No. 24

415 Words | (1) Why Being Second to Market Makes Good Sense, (2) Turning Lemons into Lemonade, and (3) Taking an Innovation Field Trip. Understanding the Second to Market Advantage…and Win Big Innovation: Intentionally taking a close second to market position until the best time to pull ahead. Desired Outcome: Using the wisdom and patience needed to […]

Weekly Briefing No. 23

385 Words | (1) Exploring the Third Way of Innovation, (2) What Hat Tricks Have to Do with Consistent Income Generation, and (3) Adapting Ideas from Other Industries and Cultures. The Third Way of Innovation Innovation: Adding complementary products and/or services to a necessary but lagging program. Desired Outcome: Preserving the core while staying relevant with […]

Weekly Briefing No. 22

377 Words | (1) Accelerating Innovation Through PSI, (2) How Venture Capital Invests in Kingdom Innovation, and (3) Clickable Prototyping is Now Accessible and Affordable to Kingdom Entrepreneurs. Understanding the PSI of Innovation Innovation: Simplifying innovation to three components. Desired Outcome: Faster innovation to serve people better. Innovation can be broken down into three component pieces. […]

Weekly Briefing No. 21

437 Words | (1) Write and Publish a Book Like a Pro, (2) Creating a Safe Place for Your Personal and Professional Growth, and (3) Adapting the International Vision Trip Concept for Your Application. Write a Book, Solve a Problem Innovation: Needs satisfaction focused books provide practical answers to reader’s real-life issues. Desired Outcome: You will be […]

Weekly Briefing No. 20

385 Words | (1) Reverse Engineer from Your Mission Backwards, (2) Become a Different Kind of Community Organizer, and (3) Innovate Faster with Minimally Viable Products. Reverse Engineer from Your Mission Backwards Innovation: Drill down from mission to innovate products and services. Desired Outcome: Products and services fully supporting your organization’s greater mission. Have you ever worked backwards from your […]

Weekly Briefing No. 19

383 Words | (1) Why Being Slightly Underemployed is Better, (2) Learning to Love Your Complainers and Their Complaints, and (3) Choosing Resourcefulness Over Resources Every Time. Being Slightly Underemployed is Better for Innovation…and Job Satisfaction Innovation: Intentionally build time into your schedule for innovation and His inspiration. Desired Outcome: Consistent innovation and improved job satisfaction. You know […]