Weekly Briefing No. 26

358 Words | (1) Gather with Other Difference Makers, (2) New Research on Brainstorming Effectiveness, and (3) Why Job Creation Trumps Humanitarian Aid? Join Ministry Marketing Leaders for an Inspirational Morning of Communications Best Practices Innovation: Gathering with other Kingdom leaders to discuss and learn together. Desired Outcome: Grow your relevance while growing your digital community. How does the local church […]

Weekly Briefing No. 25

401 Words | (1) Everything Communicates, (2) Create an Experience Worth Talking About, and (3) Listening to Podcasts for Innovation Stimulation. Let Your Everyday Actions Speak Loudly  Innovation: Wrap your message in everything you do. Desired Outcome: People know who you are by how you serve. Do the actions of your church, ministry or Christian business […]

Weekly Briefing No. 24

415 Words | (1) Why Being Second to Market Makes Good Sense, (2) Turning Lemons into Lemonade, and (3) Taking an Innovation Field Trip. Understanding the Second to Market Advantage…and Win Big Innovation: Intentionally taking a close second to market position until the best time to pull ahead. Desired Outcome: Using the wisdom and patience needed to […]

Weekly Briefing No. 23

385 Words | (1) Exploring the Third Way of Innovation, (2) What Hat Tricks Have to Do with Consistent Income Generation, and (3) Adapting Ideas from Other Industries and Cultures. The Third Way of Innovation Innovation: Adding complementary products and/or services to a necessary but lagging program. Desired Outcome: Preserving the core while staying relevant with […]