Proven Kingdom Practitioners and Executives Are Waiting to Help You Exceed Expectations

Hi, this is Marc Stein and I am the founder of Culture Bender. I am a Jewish businessman turned Jesus follower. For the past 10+ years, I have served full-time as executive and practitioner in three significant yet very different ministries overseeing domestic and international operations.

Prior to going into full-time Christian service, I founded and led a successful executive consulting firm offering innovation strategy, leadership development and implementation for management, investors, and professional advisers to achieve their business objectives. Culture Bender was founded to create similar opportunities for Kingdom leaders and their organizations.

I have bumped into some very dedicated people (just like you) with a desire to make a real impact within their ministry, business or community. Unfortunately, many of these people were not able to achieve the breakthroughs they were looking for. That grieved me greatly and that is why Culture Bender was created.

For that reason, I have assembled an amazing flex team of highly accomplished, like-minded Kingdom professionals to help you achieve the relevance, revenues or impact that you are seeking — saving you time and money.

To get to know me better, please visit my LinkedIn profile and invite me to connect if you like.