Weekly Briefing No. 13

374 Words | (1) Are You Harvesting the Right Field? (2) Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing and (3) Fail Fast on the Best Ideas to Serve Better. Are You Harvesting the Wrong Field…and Don’t Know It At 3AM one morning this week, I awoke with a deep seated impression that I was innovating beyond […]

Weekly Briefing No. 12

334 Words | (1) Making Your Customer Service a Competitive Advantage, (2) Being Part of Something Much Bigger Than You and (3) Become a Brand Activist. Your Customer Service Could Be the Difference Maker Regardless if you offer a product or service, your customer service should be lavish to be a competitive advantage. Since people have […]

Weekly Briefing No. 11

320 Words | (1) Be Known for Serving Well and Posting Regularly, (2) Gleaning as the Lord Intended, and (3) Meeting People Where They Are and It’s Online. Be Known for Serving Well…and Posting Regularly Do the people you desire to serve know who you are or what service or value that you are trying to offer […]

Weekly Briefing No. 10

314 Words | (1) Get Over Yourself and Help Others, (2) Not Everyone Loves Innovation, and (3) Joy Proms’ Success Shines a Light on Church Need. Get Over Yourself and Help Others Do you remember the first four words Rick Warren started his seminal book, The Purpose Driven Life with? “It’s not about you” was insightful and […]