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Hi, this is Marc Stein and I am the founder of Culture Bender. I am a Jewish businessman turned Jesus follower.

I have been very fortunate in business but my heart is pulled towards helping people. First, as a donor, then in various nonprofit executive roles, then as a consultant and advisor to other nonprofit leaders and organizations, and most recently, as board member and social entrepreneur.

During my tenure as a leader in Christian service, I noticed a severe shortage of innovation and creativity in Christian ministry.

I know first-hand how hard it can be to lead and succeed in this environment. I, also, know that you can achieve what you have been called to do…when you have the right tools and talent to help you.

That is also why I helped co-found The Global Center for Nonprofit Excellence (our friends call us “The Center”), an orchestrated network bringing together nonprofits, funders, and professional experts where accepted best practices and proven industry standards can be measured and improved. Our main tool for this is OpX360®, the smart online suite to help nonprofit organizations measure and improve their operational effectiveness fast so:

  • Nonprofits can assess their current operational levels and know exactly what to do next;
  • Funders can gain increasing confidence in the nonprofits they fund; and
  • Industry experts can better serve the nonprofits community.

Through best practices and innovation, nonprofits, funders and industry experts can work better together for the greatest impact. For more information, please visit:


I am always interested in discussing new opportunities, projects and offerings. Please let me know if I can help you in any way. I look forward to talking with you.

As my gift to you, I will personally match you with the best qualified individual to help you meet your objectives — saving you time and money. Only the finest, proven practitioners and executives are selected to serve.

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What Others Say

  • I think it is arguable that your work, particularly on the Irresistible Church series could be considered among the most significant contributions to the furthering of disability ministry in the past 10 years.

    Jeff McNair, Ph.D. | Director, Joni and Friends Christian Institute on Disability
  • Your Culture Bender Briefings are pebbles of thought that break the surface waters of the mind....It always succeeds in disrupting the still places in my own thinking and helps keep my mind fresh.

    Brian Shun | CEO, Thinkify
  • Based on your recommendations, I’m pleased to report that our new Dean of the Seminary (one of my two positions) will arrive in June. That leaves me with one job, and my new list of major priorities has 3, instead of 2 sets of 7, items.

    Wade Mobley | President, Free Lutheran Schools

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