Best Practices Leads to Operational Competency, Innovation to Excellence

If your organization is lacking in any area of operational competency, best practices can help. Best practices are the commercial or professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective within a given industry or discipline. In essence, best practices are the currently accepted industry standard but here’s the wrinkle. Depending […]

New Technology To Help Nonprofits Achieve Transparency & Accountability

Nonprofits want more funding. Funders want more confidence. More confidence comes from demonstrated operational competence. Operational competence comes from understanding and applying best practices. Herein, lies the problem.  The definition of operational competency is changing for nonprofits and the new best practices aren’t even wet cement yet. Nonprofits traditionally operated in a silo by design. […]

Why Nonprofits Must Expand Beyond Organizational Boundaries to Survive

Most successful nonprofits operate in a silo by design. To stay on mission, they narrow focus their programs and projects. They serve a particular need and identifiable group of people and their donors and volunteers reward them because they do. This formula worked exceptionally well until recently. Nonprofits are starting to feel a real crunch […]

Why Your Nonprofit Should Accept Bitcoin Donations Now

Over the past few years, Bitcoin and other digital currencies have taken flight as transferable assets creating huge gains for many people worldwide. One unnamed donor set up the Pineapple Fund to give away $86 million worth of their personal bitcoin to various charities, “because once you have enough money, money doesn’t matter.” If your nonprofit accepts […]

Weekly Briefing No. 43

Thank you for reading our Weekly Briefings. This will be our last Weekly Briefing edition and we hope you will continue reading our topical installments. 565 Words | (1) The Organization to Create a Better World, (2) The Organization to Build a Better Future For the Nation, and (3) The Organization to Transform Every Sphere of […]

Weekly Briefing No. 42

480 Words | (1) Be More Successful by Having More Fun, (2) Beautiful Product Mockups & Videos in Seconds, and (3) Don’t Respond to That Email and See What Happens. Be More Successful by Having More Fun Innovation: People who have fun are 43% more successful. Desired Outcome: Have more fun. Be more successful. Help more people. […]

Weekly Briefing No. 41

442 Words | (1) Adapt Unschooling Techniques to Attract New End Users, (2) Graphic Design for Non-Designers, and (3) Use this Question to Remember Names. Adapt Unschooling Techniques to Attract New End Users  Innovation: Creating an opportunity for a potential new user to bump into your offering. Desired Outcome: Individuals self selecting to learn more […]

Weekly Briefing No. 40

434 Words | (1) Just One Leader or Multiple Leaders, (2) Learn the Foundations of Media Strategy, and (3) The Freshest Source of Free High-Resolution Photos. Just One Leader or Multiple Leaders Innovation: Creating an environment where leadership is shared by many and responsibility is owned by one. Desired Outcome: More people consistently exhibiting leadership […]

Weekly Briefing No. 39

458 Words | (1) Geneva Global Seeking New CEO, (2) Seven Proven Steps to Do Big Things, and (3) LinkedIn Hack Increases Probability of High Value Connections. Geneva Global Seeking New CEO…Is It You? Innovation: Thoughtful succession planning for promoting long term organizational effectiveness. Desired Outcome: Self-imposed term limits of CEOs to nurture future leaders and […]