Weekly Briefing No. 5

331 Words | (1) Going OT for Innovation Inspiration, (2) Validation through Humble Inquiry, and (3) Crowdfunding for More Than Money  Leviticus 19 for Innovation Inspiration  Need inspiration for innovation? Go to the Hebrew Scriptures and visit the ancient wisdom given to Moses directly from the Lord for the people of Israel for Holiness in Personal Conduct. Holiness refers […]

Weekly Briefing No. 4

 341 Words | (1) Entering an Existing Conversation, (2) One Call a Week, and (3) Hiring Right to Meet Unmet Needs. Enter the Conversation that Your Community is Already In… and, Shortcut the Innovation Process  The best innovation responds to the existing needs of those you are attempting to serve. Simply by entering the existing conversation we […]

Weekly Briefing No. 3

 334 Words | (1) There in Nothing Quiet About Silence, (2) Information, Imitation and Innovation and (3) Inclusion Ending Abortion.  Silence is Getting Louder (and Could Be Culture Bender Picture of the Year) Martin Scorsese has just released a Masterwork movie about faith and ideas, entitled Silence, that is so good that it is already creating an Academy Award […]

Weekly Briefing No. 2

 339 Words | (1) Changing the Hero in Your Story, (2) What We Can Learn from Rob Bell and (3) Surrender Strong. Change the Hero in Your Story (without Changing the Main Character) Who is the hero in your story? Of course, Jesus is the main character but who is the hero? If your church, ministry or business […]

Weekly Briefing No. 1

271 Words | (1) Reversing the One Child Policy, (2) Rethinking Liberal Theology and (3) Why Post-Truth is a Lie One Child Policy in China Worked Too Well (and, Now They Want to Reverse It) After decades of mandated One Child Policy in China, people are now only desiring one child. Government wants to reverse the […]