Weekly Briefing No. 17

349 Words | (1) Serving Beyond the Known, (2) #1 Free Christian Crowdfunding Website, and (3) Leveraging Your Direct Service Providers for Innovation. Making Your Unknown Known (Even If Unknown) Innovation: Look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are unseen. Desired Outcome: To serve people beyond the obvious. Future events, outcomes or situations that are […]

Weekly Briefing No. 16

395 Words | (1) Survey for Actual Need and Practical Solutions, (2) Tea for Two and Innovation for You, and (3) No Boomers Allowed in the Special Task Force Launch a Listening Tour…and Learn  Innovation: Survey to uncover new ways to serve. Desired Outcome: To serve people in the best manner possible. When was the last time […]

Weekly Briefing No. 15

347 Words | (1) Assigning Mary when Martha is Needed, (2) Take that Innovation Away and Give It to Another, and (3) Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold Them. Why Good Gets in the Way  Many times a good solution to an obvious need seems reasonable when you are attempting to be expedient. However, […]

Weekly Briefing No. 14

308 Words | (1) Delivering Disproportionate Value, (2) Being Bold and Courageous in Your Ministry, and (3) Is News of Your Ministry Travelling Free? Deliver Disproportionate Value… Every time!  Delivering disproportionate value does necessarily not mean over engineering your offering with excessive features and benefits. It could simply mean offering a minimally viable product with ridiculously […]