Weekly Briefing No. 30

463 Words | (1) Choosing Intentional Acts of Kindness, (2) How to Become the Center of Your Community, and (3) Leveraging Outsourcing for Kingdom Purposes. Seeking Opportunities to Provide Intentional Acts of Kindness Innovation: Focusing attention on the unspoken but obvious needs of others and providing the practical help necessary. Desired Outcome: Helping to bend culture back […]

Weekly Briefing No. 29

383 Words | (1) Initiating an Innovation Brain Trust to Transform Your Church, (2) Applying Silicon Valley Tools to Kingdom Innovation, and (3) Clarify Your Message So People Will Listen. Initiating an Innovation Brain Trust to Transform Your Church Innovation: Creating an Innovation Brain Trust to redesign your church experience. Desired Outcome: To give your church experience […]

Weekly Briefing No. 28

418 Words | (1) Is Digital Evangelism Really Working?, (2) Are You Man Enough for Jesus?, and (3) Where Practitioners Teach Transformation Through Business? Is Digital Evangelism Really Working? Innovation: Using digital technology to share Jesus. Desired Outcome: Helping people meet their Messiah where they are – online. Technologies such as the Internet and mobile phones allow us […]

Weekly Briefing No. 27

407 Words | (1) Finding Local Relevance Through Practical Service, (2) The Stinking Truth About Christian Group Think, and (3) An Event for Anyone Interested in Business as Mission. How the Rock Church Rocks It? Innovation: To exhibit the love of Jesus through practical service. Desired Outcome: Engaging your church in your community at their place of need. The […]