Weekly Briefing No. 9

339 Words | (1) Innovate to Create New Habits, (2) Work Inside Your Mission and Outside Your Walls, and (3) Create like Funnyman Jerry Seinfeld. K.I.S.S. and Innovate with Habit and Ease of Use in Mind Have you ever noticed how the Google search page has never really changed? That is because Google understands that people […]

Weekly Briefing No. 8

330 Words | (1) Do Not Let ’em Ever See the Strings, (2) Packaging Matters More Than You Think, and (3) Eggs Don’t Have Screws. Don’t Let ’em See the Strings…Or, They will Know that You are Faking When watching science fiction television or film, the last thing you want to see is the strings flying the […]

Weekly Briefing No. 7

335 Words | (1) Volunteering for Innovation Breakthrough, (2) Serving Many Well by Serving One First, and (3) The Duh of Grandparents Ministry  Volunteer for Direct Service… and See the Real Needs Up-close and Personal   There is something about direct service that brings you right into the center of the problems that need solving. One radical idea is […]

Weekly Briefing No. 6

299 Words | (1) Combining, Decoupling or a Mashup with a Dash of Something New, (2) Bootstrapping Innovation, and (3) Choosing Innovation Over Incremental Improvement for Rapid Growth  Combining, Decoupling or Mashup…and Combinations of Melding    Many redefined social problems require new solutions but the components of these new solutions may come from pieces of existing offerings. By putting together or […]