Weekly Briefing No. 39

458 Words | (1) Geneva Global Seeking New CEO, (2) Seven Proven Steps to Do Big Things, and (3) LinkedIn Hack Increases Probability of High Value Connections.

Geneva Global Seeking New CEO…Is It You?

Innovation: Thoughtful succession planning for promoting long term organizational effectiveness.

Desired Outcome: Self-imposed term limits of CEOs to nurture future leaders and organizational aspirations.

For over a decade, Geneva Global has been a leader in performance philanthropy advice and thought leadership. In his blog, CEO Doug Balfour is stepping down as planned saying, ” I’ve always held a firm belief that most CEOs should not stay in their post for longer than a decade or so. In that time, you tend to have had your best ideas and brought your particular creativity and energy to bear.” For more information about this opportunity, click here. Geneva Global is located in Philadelphia, PA.

The Simple Steps Teams Can Take to Mobilize Hearts and Minds, and Make an Epic Impact

Innovation: Use a proven seven step process to do big things.

Desired Outcome: Mobilize your team to bend culture.

Verus Global CEO Craig Ross’ new book, Do Big Things is filled with practical tools and engaging stories of successful teams. Do Big Things equips leaders with “the how” to quickly identify and activate the behaviors needed to achieve more than you or your team ever thought possible. Idea and information exchanges interlock the hand, head and heart of each team member to get everyone moving toward a common goal. Listen to his Story Brand interview with Donald Miller entitled, Teams That Do Big Things Take These 7 Steps for inspiration.

LinkedIn Hack Increases Probability of High Value Connections

Innovation: Personalizing invitations to connect on LinkedIn’s mobile app.

Desired Outcome:  To expand your LinkedIn relevance and impact.

Author and CEO of WorkItDaily.com, J.T. O’Donnell unlocked a mystery for me that has bothered me since LinkedIn launched it’s mobile app. In short, this article shares how to personalize an invitation to connect on the mobile app. Although the process is rather intuitive on the desktop version, personalization on mobile has been MIA… until now. Her Inc. Magazine article entitled, The Huge Mistake People Are Making on LinkedIn’s Mobile App is definitely worth reading if you are interested in expanding your LinkedIn reach. If we are not connected yet, try it on me.

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