Weekly Briefing No. 21

437 Words | (1) Write and Publish a Book Like a Pro, (2) Creating a Safe Place for Your Personal and Professional Growth, and (3) Adapting the International Vision Trip Concept for Your Application.

Write a Book, Solve a Problem

Innovation: Needs satisfaction focused books provide practical answers to reader’s real-life issues.

Desired Outcome: You will be seen as a go-to problem solver and resource expert within the community you desire to serve.

If you have any interest in publishing a book or books for greater awareness, thought leadership or greater positioning within the community you serve, you will want to read the tell-all article I just published to LinkedIn entitled, Anatomy of Getting Six Books on Three Top 10 Amazon Lists at the Same Time. The story and information will be helpful to a novice or experienced author alike offering a number of insider hacks to get you further faster. Writing a book is hard, marketing a book well is even harder for most…but doesn’t have to be.

Have you considered an Advisory Board?

Innovation: Organize a Kingdom Advisory Board for your community.

Desired Outcome: Help yourself and other Christian leaders have a safe place to talk and grow.

You probably have an Elder Board or Board of Directors, but what about an Advisory Board? Where an Elder Board or Board of Directors is for organizational oversight, an Advisory Board is like a small group for you and your development. Surrounding yourself with a regular group of safe, like-minded Christian leaders, outside your organization, allows you to confidentially share and help others do the same. Awesome groups like C12 exist but not necessarily for everyone. So, you can start and facilitate a Kingdom Advisory Group in your community yourself. Start with an invitation to coffee to explore the idea with others.

Community Vision Tours for Greater Awareness and Engagement

Innovation: Adapt the Vision Trip concept to your community.

Desired Outcome: Foster fellowship, awareness and innovation within your community.

Ministries often create international Vision Trips for their supporters and other interested parties to share an up close and personal look at their mission work on the field. Of course, the reasoning behind these trips is to expand vision, engagement and/or participation of the attendees. Consider coordinating a monthly Vision Trip to the different Christian service ministries around your community, online or off. It will help everyone get to know each other better and could bring new and innovative ideas and potential partnerships for you to explore.

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