Weekly Briefing No. 5

331 Words | (1) Going OT for Innovation Inspiration, (2) Validation through Humble Inquiry, and (3) Crowdfunding for More Than Money 

Leviticus 19 for Innovation Inspiration 

Need inspiration for innovation? Go to the Hebrew Scriptures and visit the ancient wisdom given to Moses directly from the Lord for the people of Israel for Holiness in Personal Conduct. Holiness refers to belonging to the Lord not being “holier the thou.” So, instead of leading with moral superiority, we can follow with humility and grace.

Innovation: Offering Holy solutions to expected needs.

Desired Outcome: Creating a Leviticus 19 response to the anticipated needs of the community you desire to serve.

Validation through Humble Inquiry 

Innovation rarely comes from the center and most often comes from the edges. In other words, it takes getting out of your office and heading to where the action is. By speaking directly to the people we intend to serve (in-person preferably), we can validate their real needs. We can also use validation to insure that existing products and services are still hitting the mark.

Innovation: In-person validation or other kinds of high touch surveying can insure the highest value in products and services.

Desired Outcome: Matching the response as closely to actual need as possible.

Crowdfunding… Even If You Don’t Need the Money

The basic concept of crowdfunding is to raise money for a cause or product creation from a large group of people. The funds can be raised as a contribution or for some kind of incentive like  actual product or premium (like a t-shirt for smaller contributions). Regardless if you need the money, crowdfunding is also a great way to introduce an innovative offering to a large group of people.

Innovation: Crowdfunding is now being used by individuals and large organizations although it does take some upfront heavy lifting. We are currently exploring crowdfunding options for the Culture Bender community.

Desired Outcome: To raise money and awareness for a new product offering.

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