Weekly Briefing No. 4

 341 Words | (1) Entering an Existing Conversation, (2) One Call a Week, and (3) Hiring Right to Meet Unmet Needs.

Enter the Conversation that Your Community is Already In… and, Shortcut the Innovation Process 

The best innovation responds to the existing needs of those you are attempting to serve. Simply by entering the existing conversation we can identify immediate needs and respond with real time solutions. Have you identified the community you are looking to serve? Do you know where they congregate? Is there a gathering you can attend this week?

Innovation: Meeting people where they are with practical solutions to unmet needs.

Desired Outcome: Creating an authentic and relevant response to the unmet needs of the community you desire to serve.

One Call Once a Week Can Change Your Community

Can you make one more call a week? Scan you contacts or reach into the community that you are serving and speak with others attempting to do the same. Inquire about their outreach, what is working and what is not. Ask them if they would be interested in brainstorming some new ideas or if you can help them in any way.

Innovation: Although not a new concept, focused networking can help speed innovation to actual products or services to those in need.

Desired Outcome: Releasing Christian love and innovation to those in need.

What Job Are You Looking to Fill (and Why?) 

Once we identify a need, brainstorm the different solutions to fill the need. To respond with the best product or service, we will need to truly understand the job that needs doing and why. Think of the one solution to meet the reason for creating the job in the first place before hiring the product or service to accomplish the task.

Innovation: This innovation model is now being used by the biggest consumer products in the world and can be easily adapted to Kingdom innovation and Christian service.

Desired Outcome: To provide the best solution to identified yet unmet needs.

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