Weekly Briefing No. 3

 334 Words | (1) There in Nothing Quiet About Silence, (2) Information, Imitation and Innovation and (3) Inclusion Ending Abortion. 

Silence is Getting Louder (and Could Be Culture Bender Picture of the Year)

Martin Scorsese has just released a Masterwork movie about faith and ideas, entitled Silence, that is so good that it is already creating an Academy Award buzz. Months ago, I first heard of this “big idea” adaptation from the Shusaku Endo’s 1966 novel from another Christian filmmaker on a Faith Filmmaking Panel calling it “the most evangelical movie ever made.”

Innovation: Retelling the story of two Portuguese priests who were sent to Japan as missionaries in the 1600s where Christianity was being savagely rebuked.

Desired Outcome: Creating an authentic and relevant message about Jesus that will be embraced by every intelligent moviegoer.

Information, imitation and Innovation… and in That Order

If early adopters of a new idea are called visionaries and the rest of us are pragmatists, then it makes sense that a proven application of innovation must be shared before majority acceptance is possible. This is true for both a smaller local church project or a major motion picture like Silence

Innovation: Validate a Kingdom project’s value and relevance to the intended market and then to be able to share the details with interested but skeptical parties in a way they will understand and appreciate.

Desired Outcome: Releasing Christian innovation to help and engage others in learning more about our Jesus.

Can Supporting Disability in Advertising Help Stop Abortion?  

Recently Fisher-Price and Target started featuring young people with Down syndrome in their advertisements. When questioned, their response is they are aligning with the Millennial consumers’ desire for inclusion. What they don’t realize is that same  inclusion could shine light on the disproportionate number of babies with disabilities that are being aborted.

Innovation: Expand the inclusion conversation to include disability and sanctity of life (See Irresistible Church, December 21, 2016).

Desired Outcome: Stop abortion in America and around the world.

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