Weekly Briefing No. 1

271 Words | (1) Reversing the One Child Policy, (2) Rethinking Liberal Theology and (3) Why Post-Truth is a Lie

One Child Policy in China Worked Too Well (and, Now They Want to Reverse It)

After decades of mandated One Child Policy in China, people are now only desiring one child. Government wants to reverse the trend and is out of answers. Most recently, government considering the legalization of births outside of marriage to encourage procreation.

Innovation: Offer counter response through Christian counseling, church outreach and online conversation.

Desired Outcome: More babies, Church grows.

Liberal Theology Doesn’t Grow the Church… Conservatism Trumps Again

Scholarly analysis gathered and examined demographic and religious characteristics of attendees and clergy of a group of growing and shrinking declining Protestant churches in Canada. When other factors were controlled, theological conservatism of both attendees and clergy emerged as important factors in predicting church growth.

Innovation: Pastors promote research from pulpit and to peers. Promote new growth through eternal rewards of theological orthodoxy

Desired Outcome: Local church growth and validation of Christian worldview (Deu 4:2, Rev 22:19, Matt 24:24).

Post-Truth May Be the Word of the Year (but, The Word is Eternal)

The Oxford Dictionary made “post-truth” the word of 2016 and defines it as: relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.

Innovation: Use natural laws like gravity or math to help debunk “post-truth” as a viable way of thinking.

Desired Outcome: Thoughtfully and respectfully introduced reopens the conversation to the Way, Truth and Life (John 4:16).

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