Weekly Briefing No. 37

398 Words | (1) Nominate a Christian Entrepreneur for World-Class Mentoring, (2) Applying Lean Startup Thinking to Kingdom Innovation, and (3) Don’t Steal Their Blessing.

Nominate a Christian Entrepreneur for World-Class Mentoring

Innovation: Mentorship and other learning for the best and brightest Christian entrepreneurs.

Desired Outcome: Christian entrepreneurs setting examples for secular businesses.

Know of an innovative and scalable nonprofit doing redemptive work in the world? Praxis equips and resources a growing portfolio of faith-motivated entrepreneurs who have committed their lives to cultural and social impact. Send Praxis your nominations for their 2018 Nonprofit Accelerator program and they’ll connect with your nominee about the program and how to apply when applications open in September! Kudos to Praxis for continuing to set a high bar.

Applying Lean Startup Thinking to Kingdom Innovation

Innovation: Use Lean Start-up principles to serve people better.

Desired Outcome: Address real needs faster and better.

Lean Startup sensibility is different from operating within the status quo. Lean startup is a formula for developing new products and services which aims to shorten development cycles by adopting a combination of hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product releases, and validated learning. In other words, identifying a need, creating a solution and adapting as you learn new stuff to serve people faster and better. For more information about Lean Start-Up, click here.

Don’t Steal Their Blessing

Innovation: Asking another to help you with problem solving.

Desired Outcome:  To bless and be blessed.

Are you familiar with another person or organization who shares your purpose and passion? Someone that would be inclined to help if you asked. Are you feeling stuck and need a little outside perspective? Consider inviting your purpose partner(s) into your dilemma to help you with breakthrough. Something special happens when people come together to serve each other. Sounds a little like Koinonia, doesn’t it? Isn’t there something missional about helping another without expectation of reciprocity that blesses us greatly? Now, who can you bless today? Can’t think of anyone, call me.

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