Weekly Briefing No. 36

397 Words | (1) Redesign Your Offering As You Would Design It Today, (2) The Best Platform for Creating Online Courses, and (3) Letting Go of Yesterday.

Redesign Your Offering as You Would Design It New Today 

Innovation: Take a fresh look at your products and services if you were to redesign them today.

Desired Outcome: Improve your offerings with greater effectiveness and efficiencies.

If you could redesign any of your products and services today, would you design them differently? Take a look at your offerings with fresh eyes and externally process with others how you would construct them today. Would you make changes to any of the features? Any thoughts about how you would approach the solutions under other conditions? Take a look at these unexpected 20 redesign innovations.

The Best Platform for Creating Online Courses

Innovation: Use online courses to serve people better.

Desired Outcome:  Grow in relevance, revenue and impact by sharing valuable information.

After an extensive review, I have selected Teachable as my preferred online course platform. It is highly intuitive and teacher centric with great training and many different pricing option.  The most popular plan is their Professional plan. However, they also offer a free plan so you can try out Teachable and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Letting Go of Yesterday…The Lord’s Plans for You are Good

Innovation: Making space for the Lord’s new direction for you.

Desired Outcome: To follow His plan for you into a new season of favor.

Do you do your Bible studies on YouVersion? If so, check out, Don’t look Back by Lisa Singh who demonstrates the value of not stressing over past victories and defeats and just moving on. If not, check YouVersion out. It is a must have smartphone app. In Don’t Look Back, Lisa reminds us that the Lord’s plans for us are good and we should lean into them with great expectations. Leave tommorrow behind and see what the lord has for you.

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