Weekly Briefing No. 35

444 Words | (1) Turn Your Smartphone Into a Professional Video Production Unit, (2) Leadership is a Lonely Place, and (3) Inviting the Next Generation Into Meaningful Service.

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Professional Video Production Unit 

Innovation: Making creativity the new barrier to entry.

Desired Outcome: Unleashing a new generation of Kingdom storytellers and world changers.

Whether you are shooting for a short film, online course or mission’s project, the $14.99 Filmic Pro Mobile Video app turns your smartphone into a professional video production unit. It’s powerful enough on it’s own but is built to support external microphones, lens adapters and other professional production accessories. Technology has leveled the playing field and the only differentiation now is creativity. Intimidated by technology? Check out Filmic’s tutorials. Quiet on the set!

Leadership is a Lonely Place…Especially for Men

Innovation: Turnkey mentoring program for men in leadership created by men in leadership.

Desired Outcome:  Transforming lives in three hours a month.

Radical Mentoring is a system designed to help your church develop its lay leaders through intentional men’s small group mentoring. They provide all the tools, resources and content you need to recruit, train and launch for free. Founder Regi Campbell is an experienced investor and entrepreneur by trade. He has been involved in founding 15 companies, serving as CEO 4 times. Regi knows first-hand that it can be lonely at the top and he’s created a way to get men in leadership on the right track and keep them in the race.

Inviting the Next Generation Into Kingdom Leadership

Innovation: Making space for the next generation of Kingdom leaders.

Desired Outcome: Strengthening our churches through inter-generational leadership and service.

The Lord is calling this next generation of Jesus followers to serve others well with their time, treasure and/or talent. Indeed, this is a journey of great adventure and opportunity for those seeking to live the fully abundant life He promises. The local church and other Kingdom ministries are the ideal touch points to share what the Bible says, who Jesus loves and where these future leaders fit in through understanding the call, extending an invitation and creating a meaningful space for them to serve. Have you seen/heard the Millennial Song? It’s hilarious and let’s help prove it wrong together.

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