Weekly Briefing No. 33

446 Words | (1) How is as Important as Why, (2) Ranking, Reviews and Likes (3) Every Problem is a Trust Problem.

How is as Important as Why

Innovation: Asking the how question until a clear path of action is defined.

Desired Outcome: Turning everyday actions into impact and relevance.

Leadership expert David Horsager proffers that asking the how question is just as important as asking why when thinking about your organization and I believe, your personal brand as well. We ask the why question to really understand the reason you exist and my recommendation is to keep on asking why until you get to the root of your motivation. The how question will help you with planning your daily tasks if you ask how enough. The why and how question should be injected into every meeting and planning session as it will keep you on mission (relevant) and task (impact).

How Do You Rank on Yelp

Innovation: Use review sites and social media to enhance trust and engagement.

Desired Outcome: Leverage your online ranking, reviews and shares to increase relevance, revenue and impact.

As Kingdom organizations, how people talk about you on review sites (like Yelp) and social media (like Facebook) is extremely important. 79% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. When you consider that people are 10 times more likely to take a personal recommendation, to any other kind of offer, think how important online recommendations are. At least 79% as important? For a systematized program to improve your rank, reviews and share, visit the Testimonial Edge. What does your Yelp review say anyway?

Every Problem is a Trust Problem

Innovation: Build trust into every interaction – online and off.

Desired Outcome: Being trusted by everyone in your tribe and community.

According to the Trust Edge Business Institute, every business problem is a trust problem and I suggest that every problem is a trust problem. There are eight pillars to trust and they are: Clarity, compassion, character, competency, commitment, connection, contribution and consistency. Once trust is broken, an apology is not enough and consistency becomes the most important c-word on the list to restore the trust. For more information, read The Trust Edge: How Top Leaders Gain Faster Results, Deeper Relationship and a Stronger Bottom Line.

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