Weekly Briefing No. 31

464 Words | (1) Millennials Already Own the Future, (2) How This 72 Year-Old Ministry Found New Relevance, and (3) People Won’t Sign Up for Your Newsletter.

Millennial Research Yields a Future So Bright They’ll Have to Wear Shades

Innovation: Engaging Millennials where they are now for the big payoff in the future.

Desired Outcome: Making space for the incalculable Millennial impact now.

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) recently released The Generosity Project, based on an extensive research conducted by Campbell Rinker examining the giving patterns of the largest generation–Millennials. The news is very promising. In similar yet different research, a Barna Group Report produced in partnership with Thrivent Financial entitled, The Generosity Gap, will be released this week. This is very interesting and the “generosity” connection should not be missed. How will you engage this new “greatest generation” in your development and volunteer engagement and more importantly, your succession planning. The future is theirs.

This 72 Year-Old Ministry is More Relevant than Ever

Innovation: Simplify your message and help us know what you would like us to do next.

Desired Outcome: Help people engage with you and your mission.

Something wonderful happened to Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) recently. We don’t know exactly what it is but this Sleeping Beauty has awakened and she is more beautiful than ever. MAF has always had an interesting story but something has changed. Their messaging is spot on and their website should be required study for ministry digital 2017. They may be leaving a little on the table but Culture Bender has not doubt they will figure it out. Congrats to John Boyd or Barb Bowman or whoever is responsible. Well done!

Direct Mail is Dead, Right? 

Innovation: Revive direct mail and/or start an email marketing for greater funding and awareness.

Desired Outcome: Communicate at least once a month with the people who could care more about what you care about.

According the recent Generosity Project mentioned above, direct mail is still relevant to both Boomer and Millennial generations alike. In fact, there is little difference between the groups. The truth is direct mail and email marketing works but there are definite rules. Although people won’t necessarily sign up for your newsletter, they will give you their email address for the right reason. Organizations like Joni and Friends, the international disability ministry, have seen year over year success in their direct mail and you can too. It’s not too late to start.

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