Weekly Briefing No. 2

 339 Words | (1) Changing the Hero in Your Story, (2) What We Can Learn from Rob Bell and (3) Surrender Strong.

Change the Hero in Your Story (without Changing the Main Character)

Who is the hero in your story? Of course, Jesus is the main character but who is the hero? If your church, ministry or business is being presented as the hero, you are missing the boat of others becoming a greater part of your story. What would happen if you focused on your intended audience as the hero?

Innovation: Simplify your messaging to make your ideal congregant/customer/consumer the hero of your story and they will identify more and faster with your offering. See Lifewater or Dressember as an example.

Desired Outcome: Faster acceptance of your Kingdom product or service.

What an Evangelical Can Learn from Rob Bell…and It’s Not Theological  

Regardless of what you think about Rob Bell’s theology or politics, he is an innovator. Understanding his underlying drivers can help us innovate better as well. According to Bell, the root of all of his efforts are two simple questions (1) Who are you? and (2) What are you doing here? What could change if we asked ourselves the same questions?

Innovation: Taking our place as a guide and helping our hero accomplish their objectives can help move us very quickly into a new relationship and identity with our target market.

Desired Outcome: Greater clarification of our identity, message and intent.

Can You Be Seen as Surrendered and Strong at the Same Time?  

Do we see ourselves as broken people serving other broken people? In his book Leadership as an Identity, Crawford Loritts calls it “walking with a limp.” How would our planning or implementation change? Would we and our offerings become more approachable for those we are looking to attract and/or serve?

Innovation: Could validating who we are in Christ instead of what we do change our approach?

Desired Outcome: Grow nearer to Christ and help others to do the same.

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