We are called to help churches, ministries and Christian-owned businesses grow in relevance, revenue and impact.

Hi, this is Marc Stein and I am the Founder of Culture Bender. During my tenure as a leader in Christian service, I noticed a severe shortage of accomplished project-based Kingdom practitioners and executives who were available and could bring the experience and know-how necessary to really help leaders like you succeed.

For that reason, I have assembled an amazing flex team of highly accomplished, like-minded Kingdom professionals to help you achieve the relevance, revenues or impact that you are seeking. In other words, we match you and your specific situation to the perfect Culture Bender — saving you time and money. I, also, personally review and select every individual assigned to each Culture Bender project. Only the finest practitioners and executives are selected to serve.

Here’s a quick look at the Culture Bender process:

It would be my pleasure to speak with your personally, click here for my personal contact information. No obligation, just conversation.

We appreciate you being here and please let me know if we can help you in any way.